Segrigation of waste

Segregation of waste

What is segregation of waste?

Segregation of waste is the separation of wet waste and dry waste or we can say separation of biodegradable waste from non biodegradable waste for proper disposal and recycling. The generation of waste is unavoidable, and the materials carried in this waste impacts human and environmental health to a great extent.

Naturally, waste management is something that must be carried out, and one way to do this segregation of wet and dry waste, so that dry waste can be recycled and wet waste can be composted.

Improper segregation may cause mixing in landfills. This may lead to toxic release in the ground and eventual contamination of ground water. Methane may be released in such situations, which is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases.

Proper segregation leads to proper recycling. Most of the waste can be reused and recycled. However, improper segregation process can cause many things to be left out from the recycling process.

What most of us don’t realise is that unsegregated waste from households is sorted by rag pickers. They segregate waste with their bare hands. Often glass and other waste objects may cause cuts and bruises and also infection leading to severe illnesses.


Segregation of waste


What can we do?

The process of segregation is as simple as its definition. Here is 5 points by which we can segregate waste at home very easily

  1. Keep separate containers for dry(non biodegradable)and wet (biodegradable) waste in the kitchen.
  2. Keep two bags for dry waste collection- paper and plastic, for the rest of the household waste
  3. Keep plastic from the kitchen clean and dry and drop into the dry waste bin. Keep glass/plastic containers rinsed of food matter.
  4. Send wet waste out of your home daily. Store and send dry waste out of the home, once a week.
  5. Keep a paper bag for throwing the sanitary waste.
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