समुद्रवसने देवि पर्वतस्तनमण्डले । विष्णुपत्नि नमस्तुभ्यं पादस्पर्शं क्षमस्वमे ॥

Here in India, Earth is called as ocean-draped, mountain-breasted and wife of God Vishnu. India is called as the land of nature, God and Goddess. Even today a lot of important resources are obtained from ocean including petroleum. Today our mother earth needs to be saved not from us but from toxic and hazardous steps. We, in Pavitra India, joined hands to make every possible way to save our land and our Environment. We are empowering this movement by managing plastic wastes and converting it into usable fuels like Diesel, Petrol, LPG etc. So, come on India. Lets join together and make India clean…

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Segregation of waste

What is segregation of waste? Segregation of waste is the separation of wet waste and dry waste or we can say separation of biodegradable waste from non biodegradable waste for proper disposal and recycling. The generation of waste is unavoidable, and the materials carried in this waste impacts human and environmental health to a great extent. Naturally, waste […]

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ is a very common aphorism. This aphorism suggests that being clean and tidy is the next best thing to being morally good. The aphorism can also be used to signify the fact that cleanliness is very similar to Godliness. What is cleanliness? Cleanliness means being hygienic, neat and tidy. But, it can also signify a […]

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